Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Mediterranean Millet Salad

Tender millet and chopped fresh & preserved vegetables tossed with a lemony herb vinaigrette, this gluten free whole grain salad is satisfyingly flexible.

Mediterranean Millet Salad

Are you a millet eater? Millet curious? I developed this recipe because I was the latter, and now I am the former. After reviewing the Whole Grains Council's website with my healthy eating coach, she challenged me to pick a new-to-me grain and try it.
I picked millet, and here we are.

Throughout the winter I've made this salad with a rotating cast of leftover cooked vegetables, fresh vegetables, preserved vegetables, and herbs. My method pretty much goes like this--step 1, put millet and water in the Instant Pot and, step 2, while the Pot is coming up to pressure open the crisper and figure out what's going to be in the salad that day.
It’s hearty enough to keep me satisfied for a while, and I can load it up with plenty of fresh veggies to make it feel like Spring has truly sprung even though the muddy garden doesn’t quite agree. 
Because I've made this so often I've got some tips & tricks for you.

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Coconut Chai Rice Pudding

Filled with warming spices, this dairy- and gluten-free dessert is a snap to make in the pressure cooker and a fresh twist on classic comfort food.

image of a bowl of coconut chai rice pudding with a spoon on a wooden deck

Hi Folks! How's it going? I wanted to share this recipe with you because it's been a big hit in some of my recent classes and seemed like a good idea to share with everyone via the website.

Where do you find Instant Pot recipes?

I like to check out cookbooks from my local library. It broadens my knowledge in a subject (pressure cooker recipes, plant-based cooking, bread baking, etc) without having to commit to a cookbook or spend hours searching the internet. Over the years I've done this, certain cookbook authors deliver consistently good recipes, and Coco Morante is one consistently good cookbook author.

I found this recipe in Coco Morante's Essential Instant Pot Cookbook (Amazon affiliate link) while I was looking for a dessert to bring to a family with a new addition, being mindful of the new mom's gluten- and dairy-free preferences.

Friday, December 29, 2023

Sweet & Savory Pecans (air fryer or oven recipe) Plus my Year In Review

Greetings, folks!

This is 615 words, a 2½ minute read.

image of woman checking salmon skin for doneness while 3 dogs look on

As the year winds down I wanted to thank you, and send you an update on my year. During 2023 I taught 9 classes, 296 students, and uploaded 15 class recordings. I decided to add Bonus Extra Recipe Videos to supplement in class info (like this video for Instant Pot Chocolate Pots de Creme For Two), and uploaded 17 bonus recipe videos to Youtube for folks to re-watch as needed.

To connect in person with folks, I’ve been doing live cooking demonstrations at Community Education events around the Twin Cities and Wisconsin.

In August during my Stop Food Waste With Your Pressure Cooker class I created a Leftover Cheat Sheet—and resolved to share ideas for how to repurpose the recipes I demonstrate in different ways.

In honor of my birthday I decided I’d donate the profits from this month’s Monthly Meal Planning class to my co-teacher Megan’s charity Lyle’s Lunchbox. I figured I’d round up to $500 if participation fell short of that soft goal, but so many folks registered for class that I ended up donating $1,100.00!


You did that. Pat yourself on the back. I appreciate you!