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A collection of recipes using the Instant Pot electric pressure cooker, organized alphabetically with thumbnail images because that's how I roll.

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Ever since I unboxed my Instant Pot I have been inspired by this kitchen tool.

This is no electric asparagus steamer--it's become a kitchen staple and lives on top of the radiator cover since I never manage to carry it back down to the basement shelves.

Here are the Top Five Reasons I Love My Instant Pot

  1. I have fewer pots and pans to wash. I can brown meat, sauté vegetables, deglaze the pan, cook, and reduce a sauce all in the same container. Compared to making a stew or chili in my slow cooker, for example, using the electric pressure cooker means an easier clean up.

  2. If I forgot to plan ahead for dinner we don't need to call for a pizza! I can use frozen meat, skip the microwave defrosting step--that never works anyway--and still have dinner on the table at a reasonable time, tasting like it cooked all day.

  3. I use this tool year round! Using the Instant Pot instead of my stove and oven keeps the kitchen cooler in the summer and provides more options than just using my grill. Oh--and corn on the cob with a 2 minute pressure cook time? Yeah. That.

  4. The Instant Pot is good for a variety of cooks. My son is physically disabled and hauling a heavy pot from the stove to the sink to drain noodles is not an option. With the Instant Pot he can easily make Instant Pot Spaghetti & Meatballs (and he does, see my Instant Pot on Campus series) or mac & cheese. For someone using a wheelchair for mobility, an electric pressure cooker is a great tool in the kitchen because it can be set up at a convenient level independent of any counter top. For kids learning to cook the Instant Pot is safer than the stove as there's no open flame or hot burner to accidentally touch. For forgetful seniors the Instant Pot automatically shuts itself off at the end of the programmed time.

  5. I have more time to do what I want to do outside of the kitchen. Once I've prepped the ingredients and programmed the machine I am free to move about the cabin house doing what I want to do. I can clean up the kitchen or go paint dots on rocks or have a glass of wine and a chat with my spouse--my choice. I'm not tethered to the stove.

Here's a collection of recipes from this site that utilize the Instant Pot electric pressure cooker. These recipes are part of the Visual Recipe Index by Ingredient, a resource for folks like me eating from the farm share, the farmer's market, the garden, the neighbor's garden, and great deals on ugly produce at the grocery store.

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