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  Acorn Squash      Apples/Apple Cider      Apricots      Arugula   
  Asparagus     Avocado     Banana  
  Beans (Legumes)     Beets    Blueberries     Bok Choy  

  Broccoli     Broccoli Rabe     Butternut/Buttercup Squash 
  Cabbage (Chinese, Green, Napa, Red, or Savoy)     Cantaloupe     Carrot  
  Cauliflower     Celeriac     Celery     Chard     Cherries  

  Corn     Cranberry     Cucumber  
  Daikon    Dates    Eggplant 
  Figs     FreakyFruits     Garlic & Garlic Scapes     Grapefruit  

  Grapes     Green Beans     Greens (Cooking)     Greens (Lettuce/Salad)  
  Hatch Chiles     Herbs     Kale  
  Kohlrabi     Leeks     Legumes   Limes 

  Mango     Mushrooms     Mustard Greens    Onions     Oranges  
  Peaches     Pears     Peas  
  Peppers    Pineapple    Plums  

  Potatoes     Pumpkin     Radishes 
  Raspberries     Spinach     Summer Squash  
  Strawberries     Sweet Potatoes      Swiss Chard     Tangerines/Tangelos  

  Tomatillos     Tomatoes-Green     Tomatoes-Red & Yellow  
  Turnips     Veggies in Jars     Wild Violets  
  Winter Squash     Yellow Squash     Zucchini  

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