Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Green Tomato Recipes

I don't know about you and how you cook, but I frequently look at the contents of my refrigerator, my freezers, or my pantry, see what fresh or frozen produce needs to be used up is available, and then go searching for a recipe using that item.  To make it easier for cooks like me, I've put together this recipe index. Just click on the link below the photo to go to each recipe. Click here to return to the Visual Recipe Index by Ingredient


  1. My mom made the green tomato dilled pickled. Small but whole green tomatoes, the smaller the better. I think it was just a normal dill solution but with some garlic maybe. I'd give anything for a jar of those pickles.She used to send me them even when I was in grad school in Philadelphia and she was in Minnesota. I've never found a recipe and I don't grow tomatoes myself so I never get any tiny green ones.

    1. Hi Lois!
      Those sound lovely--I bet your mom was a creative cook! I wonder if Marisa from Food In Jars knows anything about this type of pickle?