Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Kalua Pig, Pineapple, and Cabbage Salad

Kalua Pig, Pineapple, and Cabbage Salad

Slow-cooked Hawaiian style Kalua pig, layered over an Asian dressed cabbage salad and topped with fresh pineapple.

I got out of the car and immediately my ears were soothed by the rushing of water. I began to notice calls--most notably the red-winged blackbird that's been ubiquitous throughout the trip, but also plenty of little brown birds whose names I don't know despite iBirdPlus.

As I stood on the banks of Plum Creek I could envision what Laura Ingalls' childhood home was like. It was a very special moment for me.

A few minutes later a van pulled up with Idaho plates and I met the first group of fellow Little House tourists of our trip.

It is a small world.

The man I spoke with on the Gordon's farm outside Walnut Grove, MN graduated from a rival high school in Maryland. An interesting juxtaposition of my suburban youth with Laura Ingalls Wilder's youth.

This salad has nothing to do with the Little House on the Prairie books,  but it is a juxtaposition. I though my classic Potluck Asian Chicken Salad would be good with Kalua Pig. I know Kalua Pig is good with pineapple and cabbage. I combined it all for the guinea pigs ladies of the thrift shop. This makes a ton, so I kept the meat, salad, and fruit separate  and served it to my family for dinner.

You can find the recipe for the Kalua Pig  by clicking the link. Here's a video of how I make my Kalua Pig!

You can find the recipe for Potluck Asian Chicken Cabbage Salad by clicking the link.
Leave off the chicken, of course, and serve with fresh pineapple.

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