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Friday, January 4, 2013

Not-So-Simple Cheese Pizza (Fresh Tomato Pesto Sauce on Spinach Crust) Pizza Night!

"It's very greeeeeeeeeen."

So says my daughter when she spied this pizza coming out of the oven.  If the people you feed don't like green in general, try this pizza.  It's the first way I got my kids to eat spinach, and remains a tasty option when I get spinach in the farm share.  Especially when it's cold and my body craves warm things, not cold green smoothies.  Seasonal eating at its best.

This pizza uses the spinach crust from my Deployment Pizza, adds a (put up, from my freezer) fresh tomato pesto from Heather at In Her Chucks, and tops it off with a creamy Philly-Italian shred blend.  Tonight's tomato pesto sauce uses red farm share tomatoes, arugula pesto, and cashews.  It's delicious--as are all the permutations of fresh tomatoes, green herbs, and salted nuts that I've tried so far.  I cannot wait until summer when each week I plan to whip up a new fresh tomato pesto for the pizza.  For now, however, I'm delighted I discovered Heather's recipe in time to put up several batches of sauce for pizza.

Friday, December 21, 2012

My Deployment Pizza (Pizza Night!)

NOTE:  I don't usually feel qualified to offer wine pairings, but I will say that deployment goes well with Old Vine Zinfandel in a Bota box.

Having your partner-in-life absent for long stretches of time is un-fun.  If he is where somebody's shooting at him, it just sucks.  Everything is on you.  The one you turn to when life gets rough is not only not there, but very probably dealing with his own stuff too.  More than likely, your partner is also not readily reachable to help you cope.

So what do you do?

For me, a few things keep me semi-sane, though I freely admit I live in a particular state of crazy during deployments or long stretches apart, despite my best efforts to stay sane.  I exercise, spend time with friends, try to eat semi-healthy foods, and have read-in nights/mornings with the kids.  These are all things I do for me.  Doing for me helps me do for the others in my life (you know, put your oxygen mask on first and all).

This pizza is just that--for me.  I developed it during one of my spouse's deployments and, to be honest, I kinda miss fixing it after he's been home for a long stretch.  Since I recently celebrated my birthday, I've made my Deployment Pizza and written it up for you.  It starts with a spinach crust, made in my old bread machine, followed by Trader Joe's Artichoke Antipasto (Costco's Artichoke Asiago jar also works, or some similar jarred mixture of artichokes and Other Things), anchovies, and Trader Joe's Quattro Formaggio over top.

I am sure you don't like anchovies.  So don't put them on your pizza.  This one is mine.  And other than sharing this recipe on my blog, I'm keeping it for myself!  Though if you ask nicely and don't mock the fish, I'd give ya a slice.