Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Greek-Seasoned Acorn Squash and Tahini Dip

A Greek spice blend combined with roasted acorn squash and sesame tahini paste for an awesome vegetable appetizer (link to my Pinterest board of Awesome Veggie Apps and Snacks). Great with vegetables or crackers.

Local. Buy Local. Eat Local. We've all heard these slogans. Most of us attempt to increase the percentage of local businesses we support and increase the amount of local food we eat. Choosing to shop at a local business hurts . . . well, perhaps Amazon? . . . but keeps your money in your local economy.
Am I saying I shop and eat exclusively locally? Heck no. I live in Ohio and have this thing for bananas and avocados, after all. But the more I look around the more I find local businesses worth supporting.

The Greek seasoning I used in this dip is from a local business, Spice Paradise (link to the FB page). The owner creates her own spice blends as well as selling spices, cookies, soups, and other prepared foods. I've enjoyed several of her soups at fundraisers and this gal knows her spices. She even made a custom bagel spice blend for me, a 'nearly everything' blend for my Everything Bagel Focaccia [my spouse does not eat poppy seeds].

Look around your area--see if there's a local business you can support.

Acorn Squash and Tahini Dip with Greek Seasoning

1 small acorn squash (or 1 cup roasted squash puree)
1 teaspoon Greek seasoning
½ cup tahini
¼ cup lemon juice
2 Tablespoons water, plus more if needed

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  To roast the squash, cut it stem to tip, scoop out the guts, and place it stem side down on a rimmed baking sheet. Add a cup or so of water, and bake/roast/braise until tender or you remember it, about an hour for me. Blackened skin means nothing--the flesh is still lovely and you're not eating the skin anyway.
In a large bowl combine squash, Greek seasoning, tahini, and lemon juice.  Use an immersion blender or food processor or blender to create a uniform consistency, adding additional water as necessary.

Serve with sliced vegetables, pita chips, or Acorn Squash, Beef, and Bulgur Bake (yep, coming soon). For other recipes using Acorn Squash, check out my Acorn Squash Recipe Collection.

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  1. Next time I get to Dayton I will have to stop there. Go Flyers! :)

    1. Jenny,
      I like discovering new local places each home we have. I still remember this great burger place in Northern Virginia that we'd eat at when my son was a baby. It was so tiny--no place to sit, lines out the door and a box of peanuts you could snack on once you made it inside. When we came back from Hawaii, Five Guys had franchised and our little burger joint was popping up all over.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Genius idea. Yet again, and you already know how much I love all things local, especially those burritos and chips and salsa I demolished last night. #lickslips

    I pinned this and look forward to the day I roast all the squash. I am accumulating a hold crapton in the basement now. Maybe in a few weeks. :)

    1. Meghan,
      I'm planning an 'eat all the things in the freezer--at least the freezer above the fridge--before the mass roasting. I've got delusions about cubing and roasting some of the squash (because cubing an acorn squash is just such fun) so I hate to mass roast and take away my options.