Monday, May 18, 2015

Time Out for some Weeding

Time Out for some Weeding

I've been doing a lot of weeding lately, and sitting and pulling out unwanted growth gives me time to think. Weeding one section of the brick patio gives me a sense of accomplishment, but when I turn around and gaze at the rest . . . . sigh.

I'm truly grateful that so much is bursting to life in the yard. I'm tickled that I appear to have volunteer cilantro and dill, and about a dozen volunteer pumpkin-ish squash plants. [Those squash starts are like moles popping up all over, but I'm not playing Whack A Mole unless they truly are in in a terrible spot. Like the section of brick patio I just weeded a few days before.] I'm creeped out as I drive past sterile brown fields that recently sprouted orderly rows of corn. Where is the green chaos of my garden?

Having a blog is a lot like having a garden in perpetual Spring. There is always some weeding to be done. Updating the Visual Recipe Index by Ingredient, adding notes in earlier posts directing readers to other recipes using similar farm share ingredients, and updating older posts with new search descriptions are all ways I weed the blog.

Spending time weeding means I'm not editing photos and writing up new posts, nor going around on social media sharing my newest recipes.

I'm taking a week off of posting new content to weed--both the garden and the blog. I can't promise I'll have everything ship shape, but it will be incrementally more user-friendly when I return, in time for our 10th CSA season to begin.

I'll be back with Green Garlic Hummus, a fun way to use both green garbanzo beans and fresh green garlic--in a week. In the meantime, if you see my on FB--please tell me to go weed!


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    1. Meghan,
      Still working on it. Belief begets behaviour so I'm pointing in the right direction.