Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fast and Easy Fruit and Yogurt Crepes

Fast and Easy Fruit and Yogurt Crepes

Boughten* crepes stuffed with seasonal fruit, topped with a bit of honey-sweetened yogurt, makes a fast dessert out of what's on hand.

*Yes, still on my "boughten" kick. I've re-read all of the Little House books and will start on Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography of Laura Ingalls Wilder (Amazon Affiliate link) next. Seeing a bunch of Little House sites in Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota on our recent vacation has me in the mood.

Reading the books is one thing, but actually seeing some of the buildings Laura lived in as a child? Whoa. Her description of the surveyor's house, where she and her family spent their first winter in what would become De Smet, SD made it seem like a pretty big place. I was not prepared for the reality of standing in the same building--thinking of it filled with overnight guests when our small tour group could barely squeeze in! Then again, after seeing claim shanties I can see why she'd think a house positively palatial.

When I was a kid, my mom had the knack for making dessert out of nothing. She'd slice up some bananas into a bowl, add a sprinkle of brown sugar and a splash of milk and boom--something sweet that satisfied.

With these crepes I'm attempting to do the same thing--a quick and easy dessert to satisfy a sweet tooth. I've made them with put up peaches as well as ripe bananas. They'd be great with fresh blueberries as well. It's a simple dessert, but I don't usually think of easy and simple desserts so I'm sharing it in case someone else is like me and needs to make something out of nothing.
Note: My daughter has made crepes in French class, but I am convinced that with the skillets I own it would be a huge mess. So I don't even try. When the mood strikes, I pick up a package of crepes in the produce section (you know, the place I rarely visit during CSA farm share season).

Another Note: No homegrown peaches for us this year--while we were away all of the peaches left the trees. No clue why. I will get what I can from the farmer's market and put them up in the freezer though. We love peaches. Just can't grow 'em.

For Banana Brown Sugar and Yogurt Crepes (serves 4)

2 Tablespoons butter
¼ cup brown sugar
3 ripe bananas, sliced into rounds
½ cup Greek Yogurt (I used Honey Salted Caramel, but any sweetened yogurt would do)
4 crepes

In a small skillet melt butter and brown sugar over medium low heat. Stir in bananas and cook 5 minutes until sauce caramelizes around bananas. Remove from heat.  Spread ¼ of banana mixture onto each crepe. Top with a spoonful of yogurt.

For Peach and Yogurt crepes (serves 4, or just my daughter)

1 cup macerated peaches (2 cups chopped peaches mixed with ½ cup sugar, can be frozen)
½ cup Greek yogurt (I used Honey Salted Caramel, but any sweetened yogurt would do)
4 crepes

Spread ¼ cup of peach mixture onto crepe. Top with a spoonful of yogurt. Roll up and eat. Cool and tasty.

This is a dessert from, while not necessarily pantry staples, certainly a dessert from something that can spend a while in your kitchen waiting for its moment to shine.


  1. I like making dessert out of nothing. One of my family's favorites is blueberries and grapes mixed with a little sour cream and brown sugar. The flavor combo is magic, much like these delightful crepes.

    1. Meghan,
      Blueberries, grapes, sour cream and brown sugar? That sounds heavenly--thanks for the combo. I'll have to try it.