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Instant Pot Breakfast Bowl Meal Prep Recipe

Instant Pot Breakfast Bowl Meal Prep Recipe

How to Meal Prep a Week's Worth of Breakfast Bowls in your Instant Pot

Make a week's worth of breakfast bowls containing cheesy eggs, sausage, and potatoes in one meal prep pressure cooker session.

photo of 7 servings of Instant Pot Breakfast Bowls in front of an Instant Pot

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Meal preparation and the Instant Pot is a match made in heaven. In this recipe we'll use the IP to simultaneously cook the components of a meaty breakfast bowl. With just 15 minutes of pressure cooking + natural pressure release time, you'll make enough to enjoy a hearty home-cooked breakfast every day!

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Make a week's worth of breakfast bowls containing cheesy eggs, sausage, and potatoes with one meal prep pressure cooker session.

This recipe came about because my son moved into a campus apartment with his Instant Pot, because I'd stocked his freezer with a Costco box of Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls, and because one of his roommates does meal prepping.

He developed the basic idea on his own during the fall semester. I thought of ways to streamline the process. Over winter break we put our ideas together and came up with this recipe. This recipe is a copycat version of Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls and Jimmy Dean Meat Lover's Breakfast Bowls.

Because we're talking winter in Minnesota and the chaos of the holidays I don't have slick stylized photos or videos to share. The dogs were smelling that sausage and on patrol thru the kitchen. If I'm being honest, though, I never have slick stylized photos--who am I kidding?

photo of eggs and milk in a bowl, ready to be whisked together

Since it's a great recipe I wanted to get this out for you to start using, so here it is! Since this is another addition to my Instant Pot on Campus series of simple recipes with few ingredients I'll break it down into What You Need to Buy, What You Need to Have, How to Level Up, and Troubleshooting as well as the recipe and how-to video.

What you need to buy at the store

image of creamer potatoes used for Instant Pot Meal Prep Breakfast Bowls

To make Instant Pot Breakfast Bowls you'll need eggs, sausage, shredded cheese, and potatoes. The ingredients are pretty straightforward--large eggs are fine, but if you have medium use another one, if you have Extra Large or Jumbo eggs use one fewer.

Try whatever type of breakfast sausage appeals to you--no need to buy links or patties, save your money and use a one pound chub or roll of sausage. I think spicy or sage or maple sausage would all be delicious in this recipe. Want to keep this vegetarian? Try a plant-based breakfast sausage.

The only fiddly ingredient is the potatoes--use small new potatoes, or creamer potatoes, or fingerling potatoes because they are easier to eat whole and cutting larger potatoes into chunks introduces a whole other level of difficulty in terms of sautéing. Save yourself the hassle and buy small potatoes.

  • eggs 
  • sausage
  • small round new/creamer/fingerling potatoes
  • shredded cheese

photo of sausage and red potatoes in the Instant Pot

What you need to have in the kitchen

image of supplies needed to make Instant Pot Breakfast Bowl Meal Prep

You'll need an electric pressure cooker--at least 6 qt size for this recipe--plus the trivet/rack that came with it. I use a flat bottomed wooden spoon ($2 at Ikea) in order to stir and scrape up stuck bits from the bottom of the Pot. In order to mix up the eggs you'll need a medium mixing bowl and a whisk or fork.

To cook the eggs within the Instant Pot you'll need a 16 oz (2 cup) oven safe dish. Check in your cupboards to see if your cereal bowl fits the criteria, or visit a thrift shop to find something that'll work. I'm using a Corningware French White 16 Ounce Round baking dish to give you and idea of the size you're looking for.

  • Instant Pot or other electric pressure cooker + trivet/rack
  • medium mixing bowl
  • whisk or fork
  • 16 ounce (2 cup) oven safe dish
  • flat bottomed wooden spoon
  • salt and pepper or whatever you season your eggs with
  • a splash of milk for the eggs
  • oil spray or butter to coat the egg dish
  • tongs to remove the sausage and potatoes
  • water
photo of Instant Pot loaded with potatoes, sausage, and eggs ready to cook


image of Instant Pot scrambled eggs exploded out of the confines of the oven safe dish

About the worst thing that could go wrong with this recipe would be the eggs expanding out of their container, and that's not the end of the world. Interestingly any scrambled eggs that fall off and land on the potatoes will be easily fished out and piled into a bowl to eat. The egg dish is a pain to clean, so I recommend spraying it well with oil spray or buttering generously.

If you choose to cut larger potatoes into bite-sized pieces, they will stick onto the bottom of the Instant Pot. Try layering cubed potatoes over the cooked sausage after you've scraped off any sticky bits, then don't stir again.

Level Up

image of ingredients used to level up Instant Pot Meal Prep Breakfast Bowls--cooked bacon pieces, salsa, and sour cream

Make this recipe into a Meat Lover's Breakfast Bowl by sprinkling some bacon pieces into each individual container. When you're ready to eat, add some salsa and sour cream for more flavor.

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Make a week's worth of breakfast bowls containing cheesy eggs, sausage, and potatoes with one meal prep pressure cooker session.


  1. Any suggestions on reheating times for microwaves?

    1. It's going to depend on how powerful your microwave is--different wattage will have different power and take different times.
      I usually use the "reheat" setting and choose either "1-2 cups" or "a plate" depending on which microwave I'm using.