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Friday, June 23, 2017

Kohlrabi Dill Pickles

Kohlrabi spears cured in a dill brine. Like a kosher dill pickle, but using kohlrabi instead of cucumber. Do try this one at home!

pickle tray of kohlrabi dill pickles, pickled chiogga beets, and pickled cucumbers

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massive kohlrabi and 2 pint jars ready for pickles

Conventional wisdom says that the more repeated exposures children have to new foods, the more they are likely to grow to like the new foods. I think that's also true for adults, based on my own personal experience with kohlrabi. At first I only liked it in sushi, where I used it as a cucumber substitute--like my Egg, Carrot, and Kohlrabi Sushi or my Spam Musubi Chirashi Sushi. Then I thought of other ways I use cucumbers, and made my Spicy Asian Style Kohlrabi Pickles (which are simply yummy).

in the mood for a different kohlrabi pickle? try my Spicy Asian-inspired Kohlrabi Pickle!

Taste is subjective, however. No matter how many exposures you have to it, if cilantro tastes like soap to you, you're not going to come around. I think the level of spiciness in a dish is a similar concern. If you don't care for a spicy pickle, you just don't care for a spicy pickle! [Me, I'm not a fan of bread & butter pickles. They're just . . . wrong. But you do you.] That's why I'm sharing this recipe for a kosher style dill pickle made with kohlrabi spears instead of pickling cucumbers.

Friday, June 24, 2016

CSA Farm Share Chopped Salad

This salad is filled with a variety of colors, flavors, and textures. A mixture of raw and cooked vegetables with grains, proteins, and herbs, this hearty vegetarian salad can be eaten as a main dish or used as a side salad.

a plate of CSA farm share chopped salad with kale, purple cauliflower, kohlrabi, Hakurei turnips, bulgur, eggs and feta

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Today I want to talk about maximizing time.

Do you bring reading material, knitting, or your laptop with you when you know you'll be sitting and waiting somewhere? I do--either my Kindle at the doctor's office, or my knitting in the car, or my laptop while waiting for my daughter's sewing class. I like to be prepared when I know I'll be stuck somewhere for a while.

It's amazing how much focused effort I can accomplish toward a task when I am free of the distractions of laundry, the dogs wanting out (and in and out and in and out and in), or the lure of social media.

This recipe came about precisely because I was stuck without preplanned waiting materials. We'd dropped the car off for routine maintenance first thing in the morning and decided to swing by the dealership eight hours later, en route home from an errand.

The car wasn't ready.

a close up shot of CSA farm share chopped salad

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Grilled Kohlrabi Leaf Chips on a Stick

Kohlrabi leaves, massaged with oil and seasoned with salt then grilled until crispy. You can eat these.

If you like kale chips and you've got kohlrabi, you should like this.

I'd been thinking that kohlrabi leaves could be grilled and eaten like a kale chip and I tested the concept last week. It works. Don't eat the 'stick'.
Yes, I also grilled the kohlrabi chunks. This bowl made quick work of the leaves.

I feel like that's a no-brainer, but my spouse missed the pre-dinner briefing [why yes, we are a military family, why do you ask?] and manfully chewed through his kohlrabi stems before I noticed.

Don't do like he did. Compost the stem instead. Or feed it to the dog. He may puke it out later.

Just nibble on the leaves while holding onto the stem.

It's like when you're at a summer festival in Japan and you get squid on a stick.
Manfully chew through the squid and leave the stick uneaten.
Don't ask me how I know.

Perhaps obesity in America would be helped by replacing chocolate-covered deep-fried twinkies on a stick with . . . squid. Or kohlrabi.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Turnip Enchiladas

A vegetarian enchilada stuffed with salsa verde-tossed turnips from the farm share. Also good with a turnip, kohlrabi and potato blend. A Meatless Monday fiesta.

I stumbled across turnips as an enchilada filling by accident. I'd peeled and boiled a bunch of root vegetables from our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm share then tossed them onto a grill to get a crust. I thought they'd be a side dish.

We had enough other food that after a taste the root mix was pretty much thrown over for the Green Tomato Bacon Jam Burgers and the Confetti Potato Salad.

It's OK, I'm a master at repurposing leftovers. I tossed the mix with salsa verde, added cheese, rolled it up in a tortilla and made enchiladas. That tasted like a blog-worthy recipe right there, let me tell ya.

I'm not going to suggest that you peel-boil-grill a bunch of root vegetables just to stuff some enchiladas, though. I made them again, 4 months later, just to be sure. This time just with turnips and skipping the grill tangent. [Don't worry, I've been grill-tangenting all over the place lately and mmmm, there are some awesome grilled CSA vegetable recipes coming up.] Again the recipe tasted blog-worthy, so here it is.
[Curiously, I grabbed the exact same plate 4 months later, which is completely unplanned. We eat off these plates, so I'm usually just opening the cupboard and grabbing whatever's on top. My daughter carefully stacks the dishes so the 2 stacks are even when it's her turn to unload the dishwasher. My son just piles all of them in the closest stack unless there's no more room, then he shifts a few over. In that instance, she'll come after him and even them out.  The little darlings.]

For other recipes using turnips, please see my Turnip Recipes Collection, part of the Visual Recipe Index by Ingredient. For other enchilada ideas, I made a Clickable Collage of Enchilada Recipes which is on my Clickable Collage of Recipe Suggestions page.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Egg, Carrot & Kohlrabi Sushi

Japanese-style rolled omelet with farm share kohlrabi and carrots make a vegetarian sushi roll.

Recipe for a Japanese-style rolled omelet with farm share kohlrabi and carrots that makes a vegetarian sushi roll.

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This blog is about how I'm feeding my family from our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm share to encourage you to try a farm share in your town. Typically the recipes I share are uncomplicated and use ingredients and tools found in regular stores. The food is generally nutritious, filling, and uses up items from the farm share box--but it's not usually fancy pants type food.

Recipe for a Japanese-style rolled omelet with farm share kohlrabi and carrots that makes a vegetarian sushi roll.

As often as I am embarrassed by the many iterations of brown food or fast & easy food on this blog, every once in a while I'm really proud of taking the time to create something pretty using the produce from our farm share. Today's recipe is more elevated compared to my standard fare. This is a terrific Spring/early summer seasonal sushi roll, and since the tantalizing glimpse of sunshine and warmth has me [and the dogs] wanting to lie on the brown grass in the back yard and dream of summer days, I'm sharing it now.

Recipe for a Japanese-style rolled omelet with farm share kohlrabi and carrots that makes a vegetarian sushi roll.

In addition to being a fan of eating from the farm share, I'm also a pretty frugal cook. Since my spouse and I can eat our ages in sushi--and the kids could probably exceed our consumption--it makes sense to roll our own and have sushi at home.  Just like with pizza, something that we like to eat often but don't like to shell out $$ for, sushi at home can be a wonderfully special meal.

I learned to make my own sushi while in my early 20's, living in Washington, DC. I've got a sushi 101 tutorial from the first month of this blog for reference--you can see it here. If you are a hands on learner, I would recommend taking a class. It's fun to learn along with other folks and you can get immediate answers to your questions. I've seen sushi-making classes offered at community centers, grocery stores and kitchenware stores. If you're interested, find a class and try it--then branch out on your own. There's no rule that says you need raw fish to have sushi, you just need a willingness to experiment and some raw materials!

Recipe for a Japanese-style rolled omelet with farm share kohlrabi and carrots that makes a vegetarian sushi roll.

For other recipes using carrots, please see my Carrot Recipes Collection. For other recipes using Kohlrabi, please see my Kohlrabi Recipes Collection (I'm pretty proud of it). These collections are part of the Visual Recipe Index by Ingredient--a resource for ideas of what to do with farm share produce. For even more ideas, please feel free to follow my Pinterest boards--this is going on Awesome Veggie Apps and Snacks.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Loaded Miso Soup

Garnished with roasted tofu croutons and stuffed with roasted shiitake, tender kohlrabi and soba noodles, this miso soup is a hearty meal in a bowl.

On my Facebook page and my G+ page, I have been sharing links to food blogger recipes that catch my eye. While all of the recipes I've shared are ones I'd be delighted to eat, some are ones I actually want to make as well as eat. When I shared Easy Miso Soup by Christine of Cook The Story, I had visions of taking some shrimp from the freezer, rolling up a bunch of sushi, and serving the miso soup as a starter with a sushi meal.

Then reality hit, along with a polar vortex, and the idea of sushi wasn't half as appealing as the idea of a big bowl of soup. I veered away from quick and easy into the direction of turning a bowl of miso soup into a full meal. This is not vegan because I used fish sauce, but if you have a fish sauce substitute, this would be a vegan meal.

If you want an easy version of the classic miso soup, please check out Christine's recipe. If you want to pump {clap} it up, read on. I remembered my mom's BBQ tofu (a recipe I took really bad photos of so I've never shared it here) and used half of a container of tofu for that. I had a really fugly looking kohlrabi from the community supported agriculture (CSA) farm share and some soba noodles we never seem to eat and figured they'd go well with the broth. Then I spied some shiitake mushrooms with a magical markdown sticker, and I decided it was time to stop shopping and get into the kitchen.

There are a lot of balls in the air for this one, but the end result was slurped down by the whole family so I'd say it was a win. For other recipes using kohlrabi, please see my Kohlrabi Recipe Collection, part of the Visual Recipe Index.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Spicy Asian-inspired Kohlrabi Pickle Spears

Spicy, tangy, crunchy and zippy, these quick pickled kohlrabi spears wake up your appetite.

Oh my goodness. These pickles. The flavors that are bouncing around my mouth right now. I am clearly a pickle person. I mean, on our near weekly trips out for burgers and fries I always ask for pickles on my burger [interestingly, pickles are one of the 3 condiments the whole family chooses--onions and mustard being the other two]. I like pickles on sandwiches, including pickled turnips on My Favorite Grilled Cheese Sandwich. I would never suspect that I could create a gourmet pickle, though, especially after my pickled yellow squash failure-turned-successful-sliders? However, the layers of flavor that rocket through my mouth as I bite into one of these pickles--spicy, crunchy, tangy, zingy--remind me of the layers of flavor bouncing around my mouth when I eat Ma Po Tofu from Great Wall Chinese Restaurant on Logan Circle in Washington DC. So many flavors to experience in that dish!

I received a monstrous, alien, gigantic kohlrabi in our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm share. No kidding, no camera tricks--those are pint jars and it's bigger than the pair of them together [thanks again Carole for the jars]. I decided to pickle it primarily because I had my canning pot set up from making Cranberry Salsa and also because there was enough peeled kohlrabi sticks for me to compare pickling methods for making kosher dill kohlrabi spears. [Dueling Kohlrabi Dills will be another post, after the 3 week brine time we'll crack open both the jar from the pantry and the jar from the fridge and check 'em out.] First I need to share these Spicy Asian-inspired Kohlrabi Pickle Spears--an easy refrigerator pickle.

After I filled up the pint jars for the Dueling Dills, I still had a lot of kohlrabi left over. I poked around on my favorite canning blog, Food In Jars, and found Marisa's recipe for Asian-inspired Refrigerator Pickles. I decided to adapt it using what I had on hand. Specifically, I swapped in kohlrabi for the cucumber, crushed red pepper for a chili pepper, star anise instead of scallions, cilantro instead of mint, and a standard apple cider brine that I boiled before pouring into the jar. After I got  everything pickled, I put all the jars away and forgot about them. Until Saturday.
I was feeling peckish mid-morning and poked my head in the fridge looking for a snack. I spied the pickle jars. Since I'd mentally pencilled in Thanksgiving as the Dueling Dill Pickle Off, I chose the jar of Spicy Asian-inspired Kohlrabi Spears. I ate one. Whoa. Party in my mouth. I had another. The party continues. I travelled around the house sharing pickles with my spouse reading in the living room and the kids watching TV in the basement. My daughter thinks these pickles are too spicy, but the rest of us approve.

If you've got a freakishly huge kohlrabi--consider whipping up a jar of these pickles. Your mouth will thank you.

For other recipes using kohlrabi, please see my Kohlrabi Recipe Collection, part of the Visual Recipe Index by Ingredient, a resource for folks like me eating from the farm share, the farmer's market, and garden bounty. I've got more ideas on my Pinterest boards. Want to know how to use this blog? Click here.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Colorful Greek Chicken Salad Plate

Greek yogurt seasoned with herbs, vegetables, chicken and cheese served alongside a colorful bed of vegetables, hummus, and pita chips for a simple summer salad plate

Colorful Greek Chicken Salad Plate | Farm Fresh Feasts

Eating my colors makes me happy. Combining tasty food with colorful piles of vegetables is a terrific way to eat a variety of colors. I wouldn't normally say that chicken salad is a colorful dish, but when you serve it with gorgeous vegetables, well, even on a white plate this would still be a riot of color.

I've been throwing together some easy summer mixed plates using a variety of cool and warm ingredients lately.  For a glimpse, head to my FB page to check out this photo.

Colorful Greek Chicken Salad Plate | Farm Fresh Feasts

Monday, July 7, 2014

Surimi Chirashi Sushi with Summer Vegetables

A filling main dish salad of surimi and summer vegetables tossed with sushi-seasoned rice

Surimi Chirashi Sushi with Summer Vegetables | Farm Fresh Feasts

When it's hot out, my body craves lighter food. Eating seasonally, the kitchen pendulum swings [yeah, there's a pendulum swinging in my kitchen. that's why it's a mess all the time!] from hearty chili, stew, or casseroles over to simply seasoned piles of pretty vegetables.  Making a chirashi sushi is one way to keep it cool in the hot weather. Chirashi sushi means scattered sushi, which means I get to be lazy all the flavors without all the fuss of rolling your own.
I love to roll my own sushi, don't get me wrong. The other day I made a bunch of pretty, and tasty, Egg, Kohlrabi and Carrot rolls. Taking a page from Fusian we put panko over top and the flavor/texture contrast was really neat.
Surimi Chirashi Sushi with Summer Vegetables | Farm Fresh Feasts

When I've got kohlrabi or cucumber I will make up a big bowl of chirashi sushi. If I've got salmon I'll add that, or Spam, Surimi, or just scrambled eggs rolled up in an omelette. My friend Lasar introduced me not only to chirashi sushi but also to the furikake my son and I sprinkle on top. [My spouse and daughter don't care for furikake, so I list it as optional below.]

Surimi Chirashi Sushi with Summer Vegetables | Farm Fresh Feasts

This keeps for a couple of days and can be reheated gently in the microwave. I store the cucumbers/kohlrabi separate because I like them cool and crunchy.

Surimi Chirashi Sushi with Summer Vegetables | Farm Fresh Feasts

Friday, June 27, 2014

Pizza with BBQ Chicken, Bacon and Kohlrabi Greens

Chicken, bacon, sweet onion and kohlrabi greens over tangy barbecue sauced pizza crust.  Yes, I slipped kohlrabi greens onto the pizza.  Again.

Pizza with BBQ Chicken, Bacon and Kohlrabi Greens | Farm Fresh Feasts

I think I may end up posting pizza recipes a fair number of Fridays this summer.  I have some terrific pizzas from last summer that didn't get published in a seasonally timely manner (Peach and Hatch chiles for one, and Cantaloupe and Prosciutto Panini Roll for another) and my brain is a bit giddy with new ideas for both my new pizza grill stone and new deep dish styles. [Tonight I'm trying green tomatoes + goat cheese in the style of Lou Malnati's.]

Pizza with BBQ Chicken, Bacon and Kohlrabi Greens | Farm Fresh Feasts

I think, before it becomes OBE [Overcome By Events] I should share what we had last Friday Night Pizza Night. I mentioned we got a lot of greens last week--well some of them were attached to kohlrabi.  The kohlrabi has turned into dippers for hummus and will be rolled up in a tamago sushi whenever I get my act together, but the greens--well, they went on this pizza.

Pizza with BBQ Chicken, Bacon and Kohlrabi Greens | Farm Fresh Feasts

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kalua Pig Summer Rolls with Kohlrabi, Carrots and Pineapple

Kalua pig combined with shredded kohlrabi and carrots in a rice paper wrapped roll, sweetened with a bit of pineapple for an Island style meal. Yes, this is another way to eat that Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm share kohlrabi!

Kalua Pig Summer Rolls with Kohlrabi, Carrots and Pineapple | Farm Fresh Feasts

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Kohlrabi disclaimers aside, this is also a wonderful way to enjoy some Hawaiian flavors while keeping your house reasonably cool.  Sure sure, you've got an imu [underground pit oven] in the backyard for your monthly luau . . . or perhaps like me you don't.

Kalua pig cooks easily in the slow cooker [please not I said easily, not quickly--if you don't have Kalua pig already cooked you'll need to start this a day early]--but since making Kalua pig means you'll make a whole bunch of meat, it's delightful that the leftovers freeze well [add some pan juices to the container].

Kalua Pig on a plate with rice, cabbage, and pineapple.

While we lived in Hawaii we enjoyed Kalua pig with sautéed cabbage, '2 scoop rice', and pineapple chunks.  I decided to create a summer roll that combined many of the same elements, but in a cool and tidy* package.  I used shredded raw kohlrabi instead of sautéed cabbage, rice paper wrappers in lieu of rice, added in some shredded carrot for color, and tucked the pineapple inside.

This is a terrific hot weather meal--packed with vegetables and quite satisfying--keeping my kitchen cool.  It travels well in a chilled bag, too, for summer picnics.

Kalua Pig Summer Rolls with Kohlrabi, Carrots and Pineapple  cut in half to show interior | Farm Fresh Feasts

Friday, September 13, 2013

Shaved Kohlrabi Meat/No Meat Pizza

Shaved Kohlrabi Meat/No Meat Pizza | Farm Fresh Feasts

I'm still working on the 'elevator speech' about what I do here on this blog.  At work the other day I was trying to describe this to Sharon (I'm paraphrasing here).
Me:  I blog about feeding my family from the CSA farm share.  Have you heard of a Community Supported Agriculture farm share?
Sharon:  No.  What is it?
Me:  It's where you pay the farmer a chunk of money in late winter/early spring when they are gearing up for the season, and in return you get a box of vegetables each week during the growing season.
Sharon:  My friend did that . . . she got kohlrabi.  What do you even do with kohlrabi?
Me:  Sushi!  Pizza!  See, that's why I started the blog!  I've been figuring out how to use the fresh veggies from the farm share for so many seasons that I've got several ideas for kohlrabi!  I hate to waste food.
Sharon:  Me, too.
My elevator speech may not be slick or smooth--yet--but the conversation reminded me that I made a couple of kohlrabi pizzas that I'd like to share with you.  I'd already made pizza using the greens from kohlrabi (of course they're edible--not just for composting pigs or worms, just like chard stems) but I was intrigued at the thought of shaving wafer-thin slices of kohlrabi onto a pizza pie.

As usual, dithering ensued, so I'm sharing a pair of pizzas--with or without meat.  I was a mite ambitious this particular Friday Night Pizza Night, and to keep track of what all went on each one I ended up scribbling the toppings on the parchment paper.  Who knew parchment paper was good for more than preventing my children from hearing unsavory language when I attempt to transfer the dough into the oven keeping the dough from sticking to the peel?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Pick a Veggie Sushi Rolls

This is the third time I've written today's post, and no matter if it's the charm or not I'm going with it.  First, I was going to share kohlrabi, egg, and Spam sushi rolls.  Then a post about gyro sushi rolls, then unagi, green onion, and salad mix rolls.  Finally I just decided to combine a bunch of sushi photo collages and call this Pick A Veggie From The CSA Farm Share Box and Roll Your Own Sushi.  However, many of the food porn photo sharing sites I submit to have character limits on post titles, so a bit of editing happened.

I started sharing sushi posts soon after I started this blog, with a smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber sushi.  Later I shared my #strangebutgood maple teriyaki salmon sushi.  Today I'm going to illustrate how I take a (usually leftover) protein and combine it with on-hand vegetables to make sushi.  Sushi makes a great portable lunch when you are outside enjoying nature during warm days.  It's a real treat to open up your lunchbox and pull out more than a squashed sandwich.  I love to send my kids a 'disposable lunch' on field trips (disposable required by the school) using up leftover containers filled with whatever I had on hand, rolled up sushi style.
If you're looking for recipes featuring sushi-grade raw fish, look at some of my links below--I'm in the middle of the country and cooking for my family--you will not find me buying blocks of sushi grade tuna, though if you'd like to send me where it is, I'd be delighted to eat it. :)

My daughter and I have enjoyed lunch together a lot.  When she was a preschooler, she'd have school a couple of mornings a week and come home for lunch/nap.  Later, it was lunch before getting on the bus for afternoon kindergarten.
We'll gloss over the crowded, noisy cafeteria and lunch starting at 10:40am in our last district.  Here in Ohio the kids get an hour(!) lunch break and my daughter usually comes home for lunch.  My son usually finds something worth staying for  at school.
 My favorite lunches-with-my-young-daughter were in Hawaii, picking up a to-go order at Aloha Sushi.  There, my daughter would get tekka maki and I'd have unagi hand rolls.  The warm grilled eel, warm sushi rice, and delicate nori wrapping utterly satisfied me in a way that no store-bought box of sushi can.
When my son asked for unagi sushi for his birthday supper, on a night coinciding with our first CSA farm share pick up, I knew I'd be rolling up some farm fresh produce with our eel.  I just didn't know what it would be until I got the box (I've mentioned I like the Iron Chef aspect of CSA subscriptions, yes?). My possibilities were varied--salad greens, kale, Swiss chard, asparagus, green onions, garlic and strawberries.  I opted for onions and salad mix.  My son thanked me for not getting too wild for his birthday dinner.
I got wild later.  Since I had roasted asparagus, leftover roast chicken, and all the sushi fixings out, I rolled up some Roast Chicken and Asparagus rolls.
Leftovers from Gyro night in a sushi roll?  Why not?  Drain the tzatziki sauce really well (overnight in the fridge) for best results.
These meals follow the Theorem of Cooking Once and getting 2 different meals with the result, just like with my Chicken Adobo Summer Rolls.  The Food Blogger Corollary is simple--you've got the camera out and your kitchen is already messy, so why not get 2 blog posts for 1 kitchen clean up?  When I made Spam Chirashi Sushi I saved some slices of meat in stick form to use in these sushi rolls.  My daughter brought them to school for a food sharing event in her social studies class.  If you've never made sushi, refer to this post for more step-by-step instructions.  It's really fun once you get the hang of it, and even your failures taste delicious.

Pick A Veggie From The CSA Farm Share Box and Roll Your Own Sushi

NOTE:  I created this recipe to be gluten free through my choice of ingredients (Spam is GF!). Check labels to confirm that your products (I'm talking about you, soy sauce) are also gluten free. Good sources for determining that your products are gluten free can be found here: 

Using the recipe in this post for the building blocks listed below, for each 8 piece roll, you will need

1 sheet sushi nori
1 cup cooked seasoned sushi rice (1 1/2 cups if you want double rice inside out rolls)
a thin schmear of mayonnaise
Protein (see NOTE below)
Vegetable (see NOTE below)

With damp fingers, spread the rice across the sheet of nori on an Old Bamboo or the rolling device of your choice (I've got a New Pink Plastic, and while it's easier to clean than my Old Bamboo I like the hand feel of the bamboo better).  Spread a thin schmear of mayonnaise across the rice.  Top with the rest of the components.  Use the Old Bamboo to roll tightly away from you, stopping after one complete revolution to lift the mat so it doesn't get rolled up with your sushi roll.  Squeeze tightly.  Use a sharp knife to cut the roll into 8 pieces, wiping the knife with a damp towel in between cuts.
Serve with soy sauce for dipping.

NOTE:  Protein suggestions are 1/3 cup sliced Japanese Omelette (4 eggs, mixed with 1 teaspoon each sugar and salt, scrambled and chopped); 1/8 can of Spam, prepared per this post; 1/2 cup chopped roasted chicken, dribbled with teriyaki sauce; 2-3 slices prepared gyro meat, fried; 1/4 package marinated BBQ eel, or what else?  Vegetable suggestions are 1/3 cup finely shredded carrot, 1/3 cup peeled kohlrabi, sliced into sticks, 1/4 cup sliced spring onions, 2-3 pieces salad greens, 1/4 cup well-drained tzatziki sauce, or what else?

I've got some other ideas to tempt you:

California Roll at Just One Cook
Chirashi Sushi at Ninja Baking
Dragon Roll at Just One Cook
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